VSCC Formula Vintage Festival – The Black and White Edition


It was time to try something different this time at Silverstone. I have never really taken images from behind the scenes, and you will see from other posts in my blog that there are a large number of images of cars racing at points around the circuit. Therefore I wanted to this time focus (excuse pun) on the paddock area and the Vintage Festival seemed the ideal opportunity.

The paddock area is normally busy at the best of times, but today it seemed to be manic. a popular turnout and lots of cars racing across the weekend. Those who know me, Im am not a keen “people” photographer, but when I do take photographs of people I prefer them to be natural and not posed. So double endeavour, paddock and people.

Silverstone is the first round in the newly named Formula Vintage, a new name for Vintage Sports-Car Club Racing. There is an opportunity to see not only Pre-1931 Vintage Racing cars, but also Pre-1961 Racing cars along with road-going Pre-war Sports cars. So yes all Pre-war. If your interested then more details can be found at the Formula Vintage website, which you can view by clicking the link at the end of this post.

So finally as hinted in the title, I have processed all of these images in black and white, some with grain added as well. The idea was not to try and age the image and fool people into thinking they were older than they are. But to give them some impact and grit which I believe this does. So I hope you enjoy the photos below, I certainly enjoyed taking them. Comments or feedback as ever is aways welcome.

Note: There are more than I normally post. So please scroll down to see them all.

Pit action at the VSCC Formula Vintage Festival 2017 at Silverstone