Silverstone Classic 2019

It’s been two weeks since Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. But the circuit was open again for this years Silverstone Classic 2019. I’ve been multiple times over the years and even even multiple times over certain weekends. But this year I chose the Friday of the three days to attend, which in hindsight was the best day to go for as it rained (almost constantly) over the other two days. I always seem to do weather reports in these posts (!).

I seem to take a similar pattern each year I attend. Firstly visiting the the old pits to capture some images of the cars and drivers in the paddock area. Then a wander across the open areas to look around the car clubs and displays. Finally arriving at the “Silverstone Wing” home of the new pits and paddock area.

I quite enjoy trying to capture the hussle and bussle of the paddock area. This time I declined to carry my 70-200mm lens with me (trying to save some weight). Which I actually regretted as it would of been good to capture some of the images with the shallow depth of field it gives.

There is a mix of images below, some from the paddock area and some detail shots of the cars on display. Whilst I do like the detailed shots, especially those that capture the lines and form of the cars. It is also a means to and end for me as well. I have mentioned previously that cars (especially clean ones!) are a devil for reflections which in turn can spoil the look of a shot. So if you look carefully, you might even spot my reflection in one of the pictures!

I hope the following images give a taste of the weekend. Please feel free to like, leave a comment or share the post. It’s always appreciated.