Silverstone Classic 2015


I always approach Silverstone weekends with trepidation and it’s always based around on what the weather is going to be like. Fortunately after a day of constant rain on the Friday and the thought of muddy fields when I arrived. The sun had come out and Saturday was a glorious day (ok so there was the odd spot of rain a couple of times through the day).

This is the third year I have visited the Silverstone Classic and I have posted images from the previous years which you can find here. Link

As I have mentioned previously, that due to the sheer volume of cars at the show, it is difficult to get clean images of cars isolated on their own. So as in previous years I have tried to capture more close-up and detail shots. Again this is reflection city, so I needed to be mindful of this when taking images.In some cases people were probably wondering why it was taking me so long to take a photo. I was waiting for people to move and thus remove them from any reflection (as best as possible). So below are a selection of some of the images I captured on the day.

Silverstone Classic 2015 | Lamborghini Gallardo
Silverstone Classic 2015 | BMW I8
Silverstone Classic 2015 | BMW I8
Silverstone Classic 2015 | 465 BMW 3.0 CSL
Silverstone Classic 2015 | Lancia Flaminia Coupe