Getting the shots at Silverstone Part 1


I have made a concerted effort to increase my shooting this year as I have already stated in my New Years Resolution post. So I have already attended a couple of motorsport events this year at the Silverstone Circuit, with a view to getting too some more before the year is out.

The circuit is only a 15 minute journey from my house and offers plenty of events over the year to attend. However without access to the inside of the the circuit, by this I mean inside the safety barrier. It can be difficult to get a clear line of vision to try and capture the images you would like to. Although you can shot through the safety fencing, ideally you are looking for a clear shot with nothing getting in-between you and the subject.

Just by wandering round the circuit you will soon get a feel for the best spots to shoot, as they are normally frequented by a group of photographers already. However for those of you that have not been to the circuit before or are maybe looking for somewhere new to shoot. I thought it would be useful to list some suitable locations I found, and give some example images to show that you can get some satisfying images without having the media accreditation required for access to the inside of the circuit.

Woodcote Corner Stand

United Autosports No 23 McLaren MP412C | Zak Brown/Alvaro Parente

United Autosports No 23 McLaren MP412C | Zak Brown/Alvaro Parente

Quite often on “non-main event” days Silverstone Circuit open up a couple of the stands for spectators for free. This stand makes a great vantage point to shoot down on the cars and circuit. From here you are able to watch the cars come out of Luffield Corner and into Woodcote Corner before they blast up the National Pits Straight. A good opportunity to practice your panning techniques (I still need to practice) and to also capture some cool shots of the cars coming towards you with headlights lit as they leave Luffield. The image above was taken at a focal length of 330mm and is not cropped.

Luffield Corner

Double R No 7 Dallara F32 Mercedes | Sean Gelael

Double R No 7 Dallara F32 Mercedes | Sean Gelael

At the Luffield complex there is a large set of concrete steps that run back from the edge of the safety fencing all the way back to give a tierd standing area. Standing on the top couple of rows of these steps you are able to shoot over the top of the safety fencing and follow the cars through the complex and out up into Woodcote. You will often find a couple of photographers here with mini step ladders standing at the back as well. I suppose for me, being 6ft 3″ does help as well. The image above was taken at a focal length of 370mm and is not cropped.

Vale into Club Corner No16 G40 Ginetta | Ben Hyland No16 G40 Ginetta | Ben Hyland

The final spot for this post is down just before Club Corner and at the end of Vale. Again a raised bank right on the corner/s allows for a good opportunity to capture some action shots. You may well capture the odd car locking up as they break for the left/right corner and then get an opportunity to capture them side on as they head into Club Corner. This is an excellent spot and a great vantage point. The image above was taken at a focal length of 400mm and is not cropped.

So I have titled this post as part 1, mainly because I have only covered half of the circuit. In fact probably less than half as I have not explored shooting from the centre of the circuit either. I’m yet to explore the rest of the circuit for shooting opportunities and as such will look to cover this off in a “Part 2” post. Obviously you may beat me to it, so please let me know if you find any good shooting spots. Or is you feel I have missed anything out from this post then again, please let me know.