Car No 62 in the Kumho BMW Championship

Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-000.jpg

So it was a trip up to Donington Race Circuit to see car No 62 racing in the Kumho BMW Championship. A car that happened to be driven by my good friend Simon Calado. Simon has been driving in the championship for a couple of years now. But despite him racing at a number of circuits around England this is the first time I was able to catch up with him to get some photos. 

It's the first time I have been up to Donington to photograph and was surprised by the good access inside the circuit. The weather was not at it's best and remained grey and dark for most of Sunday with the odd shower later on that day. But its a circuit I will definately visit again in the near future. 

Just a few of the images of Simon and his car below.

Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-001.jpg
Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-002.jpg
Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-003.jpg
Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-004.jpg
Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-006.jpg
Kumho-BMW-Championship-Donnington-Simon Caldao-005.jpg